Radio Station Update 16.03.2023

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A Radio Station Update for my new set.
A Sims 4 Group post - That I posted here.

Radio Station update.


I just wanted the time to fill you in. This started with a game called City Of Heroes. A game in which you played as a superhero that you create. This was before marvel, and If you don’t know it – its a lot like World of Warcraft. What’s important to know, is when I was playing in that community, there was a random guy who used to play music, like a radio station for the game group. I always thought that was kind of neat.


I’m not a vulture, I am a genuine fan of The Sims and The Sims franchise. I have been playing maxis games since I was very young. My favorite object in The Sims 4 is the How Low Can You Go – Deskblock Computer. I have it in about 90 percent of my houses. Got to have a spare computer for that neighbor you barely know lol.


So this week, likely Saturday or Sunday I am going to do a recording that will play live on a real Internet Radio Station.


The recording, as it stands is currently 45 minutes of uninterrupted Sims Franchise Music, from old Sims games. Tunes that you probably haven’t heard for a long while, and wouldn’t mind listening to it again. Plus I have a Sims Parody song for about 20 minutes. Sung by a YouTuber that is public domain or copyright friendly.


I am hoping to fill an hour. I’m also looking for ways to improve this set dramatically.


Also to let you know, this is a big thing for some people – I use a text-to-speech voice program, so its a computer speaking, but I wrote the words spoken. Some people can’t get on board with that, so if you want to sit out on this – that’s fine.


Trust me, I have a mic as well, but if you actually want someone that can enunciate sentences that you can hear, you want the computer voice.


The broadcast will be played on repeat for several hours, to give people a chance to hear it live. As well, I will release the recording on Soundcloud – so for those who like it, can hear it again – and for those that didn’t catch it live. You will be able to listen to it there.


This is just limited to The Sims Grown. Exclusive entertainment by an amateur. I’ll update you with a time.