2nd Radio Station Update. 13.03.2023

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To get you up to speed with Today's test.

Thank you for those that tuned into the broadcast. 

I have the recording already on Soundcloud.

Stream Ryan Wood / BusenReloaded music | Listen to songs, albums, playlists for free on SoundCloud

Free to listen at any time.

It's just a test broadcast and it went very well.

I have to have the entire site, created in Audacity - the software I use to create the show.

It's exciting to me, but not so much to Monstercat and distributors of music. 

So I'm relying on what I know next and taking a gamer approach. to what content I broadcast next. 

The Sims Grown 

Have kindly accepted my offer of providing their member's entertainment. 

The Sims is a very casual game and I'm now concentrating on a new set.

but I'm thinking further afield and thinking about what else I can broadcast for gamers.

I'm going to be emailing a few companies to get some feedback and try to make some connections.

If I can squeeze out another test broadcast - that would be blessed. 

- Sherriff Reno.